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5 questions your homepage should answer

Once you’ve got your domain name sorted, your website’s up and running, you’ve populated it with great interesting content. Now you need people to see it and get interested in what it is you’re offering. Essentially, your website is an online marketing tool so it needs to market your business. It’s highly likely that your homepage is the first page that they come to so you must make sure that it can keep their interest in your site or business, and potentially convert them, quickly and easily. There are 5 main questions that your home page must answer for a potential customer.

Who are you?

Make it pretty clear what you do as a business and they will quickly be able to answer the question “is this the site I want to be on?”. This should be your company name/logo and a very brief description as to what you do. Dropbox is a good example “Dropbox keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share”.

What do you do?

What is the service or product that you offer? Don’t make your home page ambiguous, make it shout out clearly what you are and what you offer. This way, people can quickly reassure themselves they’re in the right place (or leave) and hopefully delve further into the detail of your business.

Are you aimed at me?

Who do you cater for, are you a service for small business owners, a product for parents of young children, a software solution for e-commerce stores? If you don’t know who your audience is then how are your website visitors going to know if your business is for them. And if you do know who your audience is, tell them! Whilst Xero cloud accounting might not scream it in big bold words on the home page, at the top it has three sections; small businesses, accountants, bookkeepers. So if you’re one of those three visiting the site then you can probably assume that you’re catered for.

Why are you the one I need?

Why do you stand out from the competition, what do you offer that goes above and beyond? Basically, sell yourself, but quickly and simply. Both of the examples before do this very well:

“Dropbox keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share” – ah, it’s safe!

“Online accounting software with seamless payroll” – paperless and takes the hassle out of payroll, just what every small business/accountant wants!

What do I need to do next?

Where’s your call-to-action, how can they get in touch, where can they get more information? Again, both of our examples make this easy, have a look at the pages and see if you can identify them. Hint – leave a message, watch demos, try for free, try Dropbox for business, sign in, download the app. . . there are loads.

So if your homepage doesn’t answer all of those questions then you might be missing out on customer conversion, check out some more of our tips here>>>>. Take a look through your homepage with fresh eyes, or ask someone who hasn’t seen it before to look through it and give you some honest feedback. If you need some help with this then get in touch: hello@webfwd.co.uk

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