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Boost your sales with a new PPC campaign


Pay-per-click advertising can sometimes get a mixed review. It can be expensive with less effective results than other methods of paid-for online advertising, but if done effectively with some thought put into it, it can prove really affective for achieving your business aims. And with organic SEO finding it harder to get your page to the top of the search results, PPC might be the way forward for a lot of websites. Follow our top tips on how to use a PPC campaign effectively to boost your sales.

  1. Work out what you want to promote.
  2. Do some research on the keywords surrounding what you want to promote. Have a quick Google of them yourself and see what the organic and paid-for search results show. And also use. You can also use Google’s keyword planner to do some research as well.
  3. Plan your campaign. You need to work out what your overall campaign will look like, how much you want to spend (the keyword planner will help you work out the necessary budget for different keywords), what copy you’re going to use and where you’ll be directing people who click on your advert (you should probably ceate a custom landing page).
  4. Target the campaign. Use GoogleAds to set up your campaign with the targeted audience, keywords, budget and other relevant constraints.
  5. Run the campaign. Once you’ve set it up, you just need to let it run. . .
  6. Analyse the results. After an initial run, make sure you check your statistics to see if the campaign is achieving its aims. If it’s not, you still have time to tweak it for the remainder of the campaign duration.

Pay-per-click is not necessarily a simple campaign to run, but if managed effectively it can provide positive results for your business and sales. As always, if you need any help or advice with your PPC campaign then you just need to get in touch: hello@webfwd.co.uk

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