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GDPR is the new version of the Data Protection Act which will affect your business

GDPR will affect ALL businesses and you do need to know about it and take action.

The presentation below was given at the Staffordshire Growth Hub, at the Tamworth Snow Dome in September and we were given permission from Tamworth Informed to make it available for you to watch.

The GDPR will apply in the UK from 25th May 2018. The government has confirmed that the UK’s decision to leave the EU will not affect the commencement of the GDPR.

The Data Protection Bill will:

  • Make it simpler to withdraw consent for the use of personal data
  • Allow people to ask for their personal data held by companies to be erased
  • Enable parents and guardians to give consent for their child’s data to be used
  • Require ‘explicit’ consent to be necessary for processing sensitive personal data
  • Expand the definition of ‘personal data’ to include IP addresses, internet cookies and DNA
  • Update and strengthen data protection law to reflect the changing nature and scope of the digital economy
  • Make it easier and free for individuals to require an organisation to disclose the personal data it holds on them
  • Make it easier for customers to move data between service providers

New criminal offences will be created to deter organisations from either intentionally or recklessly creating situations where someone could be identified from anonymised data.

We ourselves are currently working towards being fully compliant By May. The level of working involved to become compliance is different for each business but if there are any compliance issues with your website, you need to contact us as soon as possible to ensure these issues can be fixed before 25th May 2018.

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