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Get your website squeaky clean with our spring clean checklist

The sun has got his hat on, the days are getting longer and British Summer time is well underway! During this time of year you might be in the midst of an April spring clean, getting rid of the clothes you don’t wear any more, doing some DIY or getting the garden ready for some BBQ action. Have you thought about doing the same for your website?

Here's our handy checklist for the top things to look out for when giving your website a well deserved spring clean:

Clear out and refresh

  • “News” – has this been updated recently or is it dating your website content? (This may also be your blog or updates section)
  • “About us” and “Contact us” – are these all still relevant, have you won new awards, have you got new members of staff, have your statistics changed?
  • Is the copyright date in the footer this year’s date?
  • Do you have an events calendar, and is it up to date with this year’s events?
  • Have you been posting regularly and recently on social media? If not then now’s the time to start thinking about a content plan and using social media for your benefit.

Test the mechanics

  • Do all of your hyperlinks still work?
  • Do your pages have social media widgets so that people can easily share your information? Do your social media buttons link to the right pages?
  • Are your forms all working? (ie. contact forms)
  • Are your automated e-mails all working properly and do they have current information on them?

Content cleaning

  • Is there unnecessary text on your website? Too much text can put readers off.
  • Have you updated your content recently? Fresh, unique content helps organic SEO.
  • Have you thought about using some new images on your site? Fresh images keep your site feeling clean and up-to-date.

Freshen up your wardrobe

  • Is your website looking cluttered and messy?
  • Is it easy to navigate through to important information?
  • Does your design need a bit of a freshen up?
  • Could you run a spring promotional campaign, a competition or discount?
  • Do you have a blog or news section? If not then why not? Fresh content keeps your website high on organic SEO.

Let us know if you think any of these points apply to your site and you need some help with them: hello@webfwd.co.uk

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