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How a virtual dedicated server could save your business from a huge fine

In a climate ever more concerned about privacy, protecting your customer’s data has never been more important. New legislation coming into force on 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will impose stringent new requirements on how businesses of all sizes collect and process information about customers and staff. The new law carries penalties running into millions of pounds for companies which breach the rules, so it is vital that you ensure that any personal data you hold in your online systems is secure.

Many businesses use shared hosting packages to run their websites. Shared hosting provides a cheap, entry-level, hosting package and, with no shortage of providers, represents a cost-effective way of hosting a simple website or blog. However, because your site will share a server with many other customers, and all of those others will also be able to access that same server, it is simply unsuitable for any application which holds personal data.

If you run, for example, an online shop, or a forum, or allow users to create personal profiles on your site, then you are collecting what the GDPR says is personal data. By law, as the controller of this data, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that it can only be accessed by those people who have a legal right to see it. That means your staff, and the user the data belongs to.

Using a virtual dedicated server for all your customer and staff data is an essential step towards fulfilling your obligations under the GDPR. A well-managed server, running an up-to-date operating system with robust access privileges will be secure by design (another GDPR requirement) and give you, and your users, confidence in the integrity of your systems and the safety of your data.

Unlike many web agencies, we own and operate our own high specification technical virtualised hosting platform which is located within two Tier III UK data centres in London and Sheffield. Because of this, we are able to tell you exactly where and how your data is stored without relying on any 3rd party.

Virtual dedicated servers are cheaper than you probably imagine, our servers start at just a few pounds per week, and could save you the much greater expense of a fine.

If you would like to discuss moving your site to its own server, call us on 01827 781 311.

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