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How to decrease your email marketing bounce rate

Email marketing offers one of the best ROIs in the digital marketing world, with around a £20 to £1 return. So whilst it’s a vital tool in itself, your emails need to be getting through to the right people to ensure that they can do the good work for your business. Read on to find out how to reduce the bounce rate of your emails so that you can make your email marketing more effective.

Don’t buy an email list

This is the number 1 rule of email marketing, do not buy an email list! They won’t necessarily be engaged with your brand and message, they certainly haven’t agreed to be contacted by you, and you’ll definitely trigger their spam filters.

Offer value in your emails

If you send out valuable content then you’ll likely have a higher open and engagement rate. If someone interacts with your email then it’s less likely to be marked as spam the next time you send something through (but keep the email address consistent).

Don’t use certain words and phrases

You need to get past people’s spam filters so avoid using capital letters, exclamation marks and words like “win” or “prizes” in the email subject line. Also avoid putting full URLs in the email body as these trigger spam filters, insert hyperlinks into words or phrases, or into a “see more >>” style bit of text.

Tell them who you are

Make sure your “from” address and subject line are familiar to your recipients so that they don’t mark the message as spam.

Use double opt-in

This reduces the chance of having incorrect email addresses registered, so email addresses incorrectly spelled are automatically removed and invalid registrations won’t increase your bounce rate.

Email subscribers

This might sound obvious, but only email people that are actually subscribed. Use an email provider such as MailChimp or Dotmailer to manage your email mailing lists and they’re automatically updating with new subscribers and unsubscribers so that you’re emailing the right people.

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