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Launch of the new Tamworth Informed website



Three weeks ago we launched a brand new site for the hugely popular local newspaper "Tamworth Informed". Due to the improvements to the overall flow of the website and search engine optimised code behind every page, website visitors have doubled to over 5000 visitors every day since the launch on 6th March 2018. Considering that Tamworth is only a small town of ~78,000 population, these are excellent results!

One of Tamworth Informed's promises is to be open and transparent, therefore you can see the statistics for yourself here: https://www.tamworthinformed.co.uk/stats/

One of our priorities was to make the website easy to use and accessible from almost any device which the old website wasn't. With the majority of users visiting Tamworth Informed from mobile and tablet devices, we built the site utilising a 5-stage responsive layout ensuring that the website is easy to use, no matter what device you are using.

We didn't stop there. In the past, Tamworth Informed news has gone viral and subsequently, the website has either slowed or gone offline entirely due to the large volume of people trying to read the same article. Unlike most agencies, Webforward owns and operates a high specification private cloud; this allows us to create bespoke server setups without the need to involve or rely on 3rd parties. We set up a cluster of private virtual servers that will automatically scale with the demand to ensure that Tamworth Informed is always running in tip-top condition even when tens of thousands of people are visiting.

Let's make something great together!

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