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The lessons your business MUST learn from the 123-Reg fiasco

We’ve discussed the importance of backing up your data in a previous post, with the shocking statistics that 10% of small business never back up their data, and 50% only back up their data once a month or less. Recently, 123-reg, one of the UK’s big players, has made a big error. In April this year, 123-reg managed to delete data from an unknown number of its virtual private servers (VPS), where customer websites were hosted. If this doesn’t teach us about the importance of data back-up, what will?

It just goes to show that no matter how reliable you think something should be, the classic idiom ‘don’t put all of your eggs in one basket’, rings true in this case. Lots of businesses ran their entire business on the virtual servers that 123-reg accidentally deleted with a clean-up script. And in a lot of cases, the data lost was irretrievable, a total disaster if your whole business was affected.

Ironically, 123-reg actually wrote about the threat of data loss to a business in one of their blog posts a few months before. Data loss is time-consuming, costly, and often the final nail in the coffin for small business. The final piece of advice in the article is BACK-UP, which we can’t emphasis enough. Remember that data back-up needs to include the files and folders on your computer as well as your website and all associated data.

If you choose to host your website with Webforward, all of our web hosting packages include continuous R1Soft back-ups, free as part of the package. This means a weight off of your mind when it comes to data recovery and safety. If you’re worried about your data security and want to discuss how it all works then drop us a message: hello@webfwd.co.uk

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