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Your online business may need an SSL certificate


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Google has been on a mission to spread the use of HTTPS, especially for business websites. Last year it began giving a slight SEO boost to HTTPS pages in its organic search listings. Now Google is taking a much more visible step that will hurt your business website lead generation and sales if you don’t take action.

HTTPS provides several strong layers of data security compared to the usual HTTP which protects website users. One typical example, imagine you were at work and you logged into your personal email account which is not protected with HTTPS, with the know-how, your colleague could potentially eavesdrop on your internet browsing and read your emails.

Starting October 2017, the latest Google Chrome browser will show a visible “Not secure” warning in the URL field when a user starts to enter data on a page doesn’t use HTTPS. It will look something like the article image above.

So if you don’t want to warn visitors away, you need to get one.

Webforward offer SSL certificates and a dedicated IP address for £54+VAT per year. If your website has not had an SSL certificate before, there may be some additional work that needs to be done to your site before it will support HTTPS and we will confirm these costs before-hand.

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