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Social media: optimal image sizes


If you’re using social media as a marketing tool then you’re probably well aware that images sizes are different for different platforms as well as for different parts of those platforms, it can be really confusing and time-consuming making sure those images work. So save out crib sheet below to make sure you can quickly ensure you’re using the correct size (width x height).


Profile picture 180 x 180

Cover photo – 851 x 315

Shared photo – 1,200 x 512


Profile picture – 400 x 400

Header photo – 440 x 220

Shared photos – 1,500 x 500


Image – 1,080 x 1,080


In stream image – 236 width

Enlarged image – 660 width


Profile picture – 500 x 500

Cover photo – 970 x 240

Banner image – 646 x 220

Google +

Profile picture – minimum 250 x250

Shared images – 426 width, height scales accordingly

Some useful tools to edit your image sizes are pixlr and Paint. On paint, click on the ‘resize’ button and you can change the pixel count, you’ll often need to crop the image as well to ensure that the width and height works for the size you need. And for loads more detail, check out this incredibly detailed infographic from Omnicore Agency.

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