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Social media: what mistakes are you making with Twitter?

Are you active on Twitter? If so, is it going well? If not, read on to find out if you’re making some crucial mistakes and what you can do to rectify it.

Your profile is incomplete

If you don’t have a complete profile then people firstly think you don’t really maintain your Twitter, and also they might not be able to work out who you are very easily. If they can’t work out who you are then why would they follow you?

Too many hashtags

Apparently 2 hashtags is the optimum number to get your tweet to the widest audience, and in general any more than 2 actually show an increased reduction in engagement of 17%. Check out our guide to https://www.webfwd.co.uk/blog/social-media-hashtagging-away/ and brush up on your skills, there’s also a great Google Chrome extension to help you pick the best hashtags.

You don’t tweet very much

If you’re not tweeting much then you reduce your ability to increase your follower numbers and people won’t think you’re active on social media. By https://www.webfwd.co.uk/blog/planning-content-for-your-social-media-channels/ in advance, you’ll be able to balance out the number of times you tweet.

You tweet too much

Don’t spam people’s timelines, they don’t just to see tweets from you when they log on, this will be an easy reason for them to click ‘unfollow’. Make sure you’re sharing relevant content spread out through the day, use social media management tools to help schedule in your tweets.

Ignoring mentions

Social media is meant to be that, social. So you’re meant to engage with other users, talk to them, have a conversation, share their content as well. Responding is an example of good customer service and people expect it, particularly if they ask a question, send you feedback or share experiences.

Your tweets don’t match your profile/bio

If you’ve said you’re one thing in your bio and profile and are tweeting about things that are completely disconnected then people aren’t going to connect with you. This can often start to happen if you mix up your personal twitter with your business one, keep them separate!

You’re too sales-focussed

Don’t push sales messages too often, people hate it. Whilst they expect some, and doing it well is very powerful, but follow some of the social media ratios for social media content.

Twitter can be a very powerful B2B networking tool as well as B2C sales tool so use it wisely and use it well.

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