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The power of landing pages

A landing page is exactly that, the page that a person first lands on when they visit your website. So technically, every page on your website can be seen as a landing page particularly your home page. The importance of a landing page is that it’s the first impression someone has of your business, and with people wanting to find information quickly, a poor landing page can increase your bounce rate And a high bounce rate can decrease your search engine power and your conversion rate. So read on to find out ways to use landing pages effectively.

If you’ve set up a landing page for a specific search term or adwords phrase, remember that. If people are typing in “price + business name/industry” then they probably want that first page that they land on to be something to do with how much your service/product costs, and if they don’t then they’ll likely leave quickly. And then you’ll want to try and convert them if that information helps them to make a decision – to contact you, buy your product, sign up to your updates etc. So make sure the information on the page matches how or why they might have made it onto that page in the first place.

If you’re running a specific campaign, competition or offer, then a specifically designed landing page is essential. Create a page with the offer or competition details and a quick call-to-action, for a competition this would be to enter the competition, and for an offer or discount, a button that leads them straight to conversion, either to shop on your site or buy that product/service there and then.

There are a number of key components of an effective landing page; effective headline, so people know they’ve come to the right place; clear copy with keywords, so people can quickly and easily work out what the page is offering them, and search engines can pick up the page; images, makes the page more appealing and may visually explain the copy on the page; social share buttons, enables people to spread the word for you quickly and simply; and data capture, enables you to capitalise on people’s interest which can be used for future marketing.

Landing pages and their design can have a big impact on your website bounce rate as well as your customer conversion rate, so make sure they’re working for you. Get in touch if you need help planning or creating your landing pages: hello@webfwd.co.uk

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