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Top tips for businesses using Google+

As the social media channel connected to the big internet giant Google, Google+ is not to be ignored, it can help significantly with SEO and it also is a big player in B2B networking. Read on to find out what you need to do to make sure it works well for you and your business.

Create a business page

Google+ has business pages as well as personal pages, just like sites like Facebook. So make sure you set one up for your business, start here.

Fill in all of your details

Make sure that you fill in all of the details possibly on the Google+ business page. This means that when your business comes up in Google searches, you’ll be pinned on the map, be featured more prominently and your “about us” section will boost your SEO. Also make sure you use a relevant image (perhaps your logo) so that you create a professional feel about your page and people trust that it’s really you.


Networking with other businesses and people on Google+ can feel a bit different to other channels, but essentially it’s pretty straightforward. You can create ‘circles’ which you theme (eg/ business bloggers, financial advice, family & friends, colleagues etc.) and then you add people and/or business pages to these circles. Then you can check updates from these circles and also make your shared content only visible to particular circles. Comment on other people’s content and share it when relevant, it’s no different in Facebook and Twitter in the need for interaction.

You can also create communities, which are like groups on Facebook. By building a community around a certain topic area related to your business, you can build up your reputation as an industry expert and build trust in your company’s ability.

Post regularly

As with other social media networks, you need to keep your followers and fans engaged with your content and you need to post regularly, this also makes sure that you’re not seen as out-of-date. Use social media scheduling tools to help you optimise the time spent on social media.

Events and hangouts

These are more ways to network and engage more people with your Google+ page, but they're really Google+-specific. Hangouts are multi-user live chat functions using text, images, voice or video chat that you can use to do things such as conference calls, share presentations, have Q&A sessions or have a networking or live discussion event. The Events function lets you send invites to anyone whether or not they have a Google+ account.

If you need help setting up your Google+ presence or creating a plan for your Google+ page then get in touch: hello@webfwd.co.uk

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