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What’s the difference between website hosting and a domain name?



You might know the answer to this question, but if not, read on. Your domain name is the physical name that people will type in to reach your website, like your postal address for your house. Once you’ve found the domain name of dreams and purchased it, there’s a step that comes next before you can get a website out in the cybersphere. You’ll need website hosting, but what’s that?

Purchasing hosting is the website equivalent of purchasing office space for your staff and physical business assets. It’s the virtual space that your website occupies, like a “My Documents” folder for your website.

You can choose between a number of types of hosting; shared, VPS, dedicated and SSD hosting.

Shared hosting: as it says on the tin, the hosting will be shared. This means that your website will be hosted on the same server as one or more other websites. This is best suited to websites that have low traffic levels and doesn’t need a high level of security (ie/ doesn’t hold people’s personal details).

VPS hosting: Virtual Private Server hosting. This is essentially a single server that is virtually split into independent parts to become individual servers in their own rights. It’s slightly more secure than shared hosting, but your website is still hosted on a server that does host other websites.

Dedicated hosting: again, what it says on the tin. Your website gets its own server and you can use as much data as the capacity allows, and has maximum security for the site. You can still run multiple websites through the server, but they will all be your websites/websites of your choice rather than any other website.

SSD hosting: Solid State Drive and is a different type of storage to a normal hard drive-type server hosting your website. It can make your website run faster than a normal hard driver server, and can run any of the above types of hosting.

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