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Which hosting plan is right for my website?

Once you’ve chosen the domain name for your website, the next step is to sort out your website’s hosting. If you’re not sure what this is, you can compare it to having a space hired to put your desks and staff in, and a sign hanging above the door on the outside. The sign above the door could be likened to the domain name, and the premises that your business equipment and people sit in and work in is like the hosting. If you’re not sure what type of hosting your website needs, read through our quick guide to help you.

Questions you should start with: how big am I expecting the website to be, how fast does my website need to be, how complex are the systems within my website, will I be storing people’s personal details? Once you have some answers, even vague ones, to these questions then you might be ready to start looking at the different options.

Shared hosting: your website will be hosted on a server with a number of other websites and will have a set data limit. This is better suited to websites expecting small and limited traffic, and that doesn’t need to be too secure. So it’s best for small blogs and similar sites, which don’t have huge traffic levels and don’t store sensitive information.

VPS hosting: VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This is essentially a single server that is virtually split into independent parts to become individual servers in their own rights. It’s almost like a step-up from shared hosting and is more secure, but your website is still hosted on a server that does host other websites.

Dedicated hosting: your website gets its own server for hosting which is not shared by any other website. You can use as much data as the capacity allows, and have maximum security for the site. It doesn’t stop you running multiple websites through one server, but they will all be your own websites or websites of your choice.

SSD hosting: SSD stands for Solid State Drive and is a different type of storage to a normal hard drive type server hosting your website. It can make your website run faster than a normal hard driver server, and can run any of the above types of hosting.

We offer a range of website hosting options depending on what your requirements are, so get in touch to find out if we can help: hello@webfwd.co.uk

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