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Will your website be mobile friendly before 21st April?

Every year Google makes hundreds of changes to it's search algorithm. While most of these changes are minor things that don't really trouble most websites, Google have rolled out a big update that's scheduled for 21st April and it will affect search results in a very significant way.

Smartphones and tablets now account for roughly 60% of all online traffic, with 49% of users only using their smartphone exclusively to complete searches on the internet. Google are now taking this into consideration and will start indexing sites based on their mobile-friendliness from 21st April. This means if your website isn't responsive or mobile friendly, then you will most likely be penalised and your website may appear lower in a users search results.

It may seem a little unfair that Google are rolling out such a significant update with such little time to prepare, but usually they don't give any forewarning at all and often leave website administrators scratching their heads, wondering what on earth just happened to their listings.

A mobile-friendly website needs to look great (and correct!) on any hand-held device used to access the internet such as smartphones, iPads and tablets. To ensure your website is mobile friendly, there's a few features that need to be in place:

Easy to read - Mobile phones tend to be just 1/5th of the size of a normal desktop screen so customers need to be able to read what you have to say clearly, without zooming in and out.

Simple, clear navigation - Menus have a small amount of space on a mobile device, so they need to be easily clickable or accessible through a dropdown.

Quick loading times - With many customers roaming on a 3G or 4G signal, it's key to ensure your website loads quickly so your customers can access your website on the go.

Websites that aren't mobile friendly can be very frustrating for any customer, giving them the urge to hit the back button before they’ve even seen what your website has to offer.

How Webforward can help your website get mobile-friendly before the deadline

If you're already a Webforward customer, you may have heard us talking about "responsive" websites and the importance of making your website mobile friendly. If you're ready to take the next step and get your website ready before the deadline, please give us a call on 01827 781 311 and we explain what steps need to be taken to ensure that your website does not get penalised.

If you're not a Webforward customer but you're interested in working with us, we'll be more than happy to help you create a new mobile-friendly website, or improve the mobile optimisation of your existing one. Please contact us and we'll give you a call!

Let's make something great together!

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