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Your definitive guide to: Magento

Magento is one of a number of open-source application to help build your website. They specialise in providing the tools to create a fully integrated online store, so keep reading on if your business needs or has an eCommerce requirement.

There are two versions of Magento, the Community edition and the Enterprise edition. The Community version is free to download and is best used by your developers (rather than you, unless you are a developer) as there’s less support than the Enterprise edition and it works on a community-led problem solving model. There are still a great number of extensions and features within the Community edition and no real need to pay for the Enterprise edition unless you’re a particularly large and fast-growing business.

Magento is really SEO friendly, which is obviously a big bonus for your website and business. It has clean HTML, clean URLs and site navigation and the Magento platform makes an SEO-friendly site an easy task for your developers.

Creating a sophisticated eCommerce experience couldn’t be easier with Magento’s extensions. Some of these are free and some are paid for depending on what capability you’re looking for. You can do everything from creating a multi-country store, adding autocomplete to searches, integrating your shipping and fulfilment systems, offering coupon codes for abandoned shopping baskets and using clever email auto-responder tools. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing eCommerce platform that helps your business to succeed, then Magento is the platform for you. And because your developer is not creating the solution from scratch (it’s available in the store) then it’s actually likely to save you money in the web development phase as well.

But as per usual, whilst Magento is an open-source application, we don’t recommend that you try to build your website yourself. You can find some past examples of our Magento website builds here, get in touch if you’re interested in a Magento-built website for your eCommerce website: hello@webfwd.co.uk

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