1. We reserve the right to suspend your Service (s) if we believe your account is misused. If we have reason to believe that you will misuse our network, we reserve the right to refuse Service to you.
  2. For many of our services, we offer our customers 'unlimited' disk space and bandwidth. You must not use this storage for content that is not related to your websites, such as personal photographs or other media. Storing EXE, MP3, AVI, WMF files is not permitted on our servers.
  3. For Websites that allow customers to download video, audio, images or other files, we reserve the right to impose a bandwidth limit of 30GB per calendar month and a disk space limit of 5GB.
  4. You should only use Scripts and Web Applications on your website to create content, such as content management systems. Using our servers to generate large volumes of emails, for example, is strictly prohibited. You should not use any scripts that attempt to manipulate time-outs on our servers, are resource-intensive or adversely affect our server performance in any way.
  5. You must not use Scripts or Web Applications that use excessive amounts of memory or CPU resources on our servers.
  6. If you have FTP access to your website, you must not share these details with any person outside of your organisation. FTP access should not be used for automated file uploads under any circumstances. If the number of FTP connections you are using is beyond the regular use of a hosting account, your account may be terminated.
  7. Use of our servers to send bulk email whether opt-in or otherwise is strictly forbidden.
  8. We will disable any service and domain that fails to adhere to the following criteria as soon as we are made aware:
    1. Your website must provide web-based content to visitors; any files hosted on your Service must be linked to the site.
    2. Scripts and Web Applications must only be used to create content for your website, such as Content Management Systems. Sending single emails for order confirmations or receipt of emails is permitted. All outgoing emails are monitored and filtered and must be sent via the mailboxes provided to you.
    3. Databases are for the exclusive use of storing data of websites hosted on our network and cannot be used to store non-website data or with services outside of our system.
    4. Websites must not contain any Warez, copyrighted or other illegal materials. All content on your hosting Service must comply with the laws of the United Kingdom.
    5. Websites must not contain any materials that are of a pornographic or adult nature. Adult materials include all pornography, erotic images or otherwise obscene content.
    6. Websites must not use more than 25% of the server resources at any given time, including bandwidth, memory, processors or disk space.
    7. Websites must not be used for Cloud file hosting or to host 'file-sharing' applications.
    8. FTP Services are for your exclusive use and members of your organisation. These details must not be shared or used for anonymous or public FTP access.
    9. Email Services are for your exclusive use and members of your organisation. You must not use these mailboxes to provide free email services to others.
    10. The use of Databases such as Microsoft Access, MySQL and RavenDB are permitted as long as the total file size is below 50MB.
    11. The use of our services for Gaming Servers and Gaming Services is not permitted without our prior consent. If you would like to host your Gaming Services with us, please contact hello@webfwd.co.uk.

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