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10 Google Chrome extensions for social media marketers

If you’re using social media as a marketing tool (and you should be) then you’ve probably realised that it could turn into a really labour-intensive and time-consuming task. We’ve spoken about clever social media management tools before, but you can go one step further and get some clever extensions for your browser to help even further.


If you’re planning content for your social media channels or browsing your social media channels then you’ve probably opened up lots of tabs of things to tweet, share, read later etc. How many tabs do you have open before you lose the plot?! Simplify this with OneTab – it condenses all of the tabs you have open into a list on one tab where you can open each link individually or open them all again.

The Hootlet

We’ve done the whole Buffer vs Hootsuite thing, but whichever you choose, or if you use both of them, then there are Google Chrome extensions for both. The Hootlet is obviously for Hootsuite and allows you to share the webpage you’re on through Hootsuite so your post can be sent immediately or you can pick a time for it to be scheduled in for.


And the second of the two is Buffer. The buffer extension lets you quickly queue interesting posts and articles so that they’re send out on your social media profiles at spread out and optimised times rather than at the point you’re reading them. It saves mass sharing at one time of time and also picks a time when it’s more likely to be seen by your followers.

Pinterest Button

This will give you the Pinterest ‘p’ button in your browser toolbar. With Pinterest now the second highest driver of traffic to websites (in the social media world, second to Facebook), it can really work as a driver for your business. This button acts as a friendly reminder to use Pinterest, and is also pretty clever. If you see something you want to share on a page, just click on the ‘p’, it will then come up with all of the images it finds on the page so you can select which one you want to share.


Unfortunately you’re not able to post images on the Chrome extension for Instagram. However, you can easily see your feed and notifications so you can quickly respond to notifications, like and comment on other photos. It makes using Instagram a quick and easy process.

RiteTag Social Media Optimiser

You know that hashtags are key to great Twitter engagement, but which ones do you need to use in your post? RiteTag shows you how likely your posts are to be found based on the hashtag that you’re using. This also works within Buffer itself.

Social Analytics

Social Analytics can show you how many times the post you’re reading or page you’re on has been shared on social media. It’s useful for monitoring your own posts (although there are some other ways of tracking these) or for investigating other people’s.


Rapportive helps you to find out details of social media accounts for your email contacts so that you can follow them on Twitter, add them on LinkedIn, the full caboodle. This works in cahoots with Gmail so that when someone sends you an email you can see their details on the side of your screen. However, the email address that they’re emailing you from must be the one linked to their social media accounts for it to work.

Check My Links

Now we all know that in theory we should check every last detail of our blog posts before they go live to make sure that nobody can pull you up on anything. But with time usually not on our side, some things can slip, and that’s often checking that all of the links you’ve put in are working. Well look no further, Check My Links does a scan of your post and highlights any broken links in red so that you can quickly correct them before you publish or share the post.

Bit.ly Shortener

You’ve probably used some form of link shortener before even if it’s not Bit.ly. Bit.ly as a tool shortens huge links to manageable Bit.ly chunks, particularly useful for Twitter. Not only that but they also monitor the analytics of the URL so you can see how many people have clicked through on it.

If you want to try using these then you just need to head to the Chrome store, download the extension and it will pop up on your toolbar. You might want to experiment a bit to work out the best way that they can work for you, but they’re definitely a time saver when it comes to social media marketing.

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