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5 ways to earn the trust of your purchasers

What with scares over fraud, returning faulty products and general customer experience, it’s more important than ever to show customers that they can trust your business. Trusting that you supply good quality products or services, that you deliver what you say you deliver and that they won’t be conned is crucial in winning a customer over. More importantly, if you gain their trust, they’re likely to become repeat customers, who are hugely important in the sales game, it can cost up to 5 times more to acquire a new customer than for a repeat sale from a retained customer. Follow our top 5 tips for earning the trust of your purchasers:

  1. Share your details, show them who you are. Make sure you clearly display your contact information (phone number, email address, contact address) and perhaps even include some information about your staff as well – who they are and maybe a thumbnail picture. These sorts of details make people feel like there are some real people behind the company persona and do develop trust.
  2. Provide a get-out clause or satisfaction guaranteed option. This is where people perhaps get a free trial for the first month and if they’re not happy they can withdraw from the purchase, or if they’re not happy with the product they can return it and get a refund (subject to conditions). This means that they’ll feel as if there’s some sort of guarantee of quality of what they’re buying, and reassurance that if they’re not 100% happy they’re not stuck with it.
  3. Show testimonials. Particularly if they show a picture, these make people feel like they’re joining a happy team of customers, and that they’re not alone in thinking that they want to buy X.
  4. Be professional. That doesn’t mean you can’t have personality, just that if you’re a professional-looking outfit, people will come to you for what you do as a profession. Make sure your spelling and grammar is correct, and typos are removed. Make sure your photos are of good quality, your website is well-designed and flows well etc.
  5. Keep their trust! As we said above, retained customers are valuable, make sure that you keep them once you’ve got them. Ensure that they receive excellent customer service, a high quality product or service and you make them feel valued.

Is there anything you do in particular to try to earn your customers’ trust?

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