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Creating an awesome Facebook business page


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There are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook, that’s a market that your business can’t miss out on! And as a basic tool, Facebook is a free marketing arena so you should definitely have a presence there. Having a business account on Facebook is different to having a personal account on Facebook so read on to find out how to ace the business side…

Firstly, you’ll be creating a business ‘page’ rather than a personal account. And you can link this to your personal account so you can manage both from one log-in. You can also manage a number of different pages and easily interchange between them if you have multiple businesses, or multiple sides to your business.

Then, remember that your business page is another part of your business branding and ‘front of house’ as it were. So make sure that your business page is a reflection of your business. The name you choose is key as people need to be able to recognise it if either they stumble across it, or if they’re searching for you on Facebook. Ensure the images that you use for your profile picture and your cover photo are reflective of your branding so that people can recognise you.

So after you’ve set it up, you need to populate your page. There’s space for your website, contact details, video content, image library and a business description. Facebook now has a call-to-action button you can use prominently on your page, and this can be used to direct people to achieve your business aims.

Finally, develop your Facebook page. There are lots of clever things you can do with your Facebook page including running competitions, integrating apps in and the main purpose of social media, engaging with your customers. But the key is sharing and creating engaging content. This will get people interested, get people engaging with your content, and ultimately ensuring that Facebook can be a useful marketing tool for your business. The key is that people engage with your page on a regular basis so that when you have key sales messages, these reach them as well.

If you need help setting up and/or developing your Facebook business page then get in touch: hello@webfwd.co.uk

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