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How to drive more traffic to your blog

If you’ve been following all of our advice then you should have a business blog up and running. A blog is one of the best ways to send to send traffic to your website for free because of Google’s love of content. However, blogs also need a bit more of a push to really get your traffic moving. Follow these top tips to help drive more traffic to your blog and your website.

Share on social media.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Share content on social media to drive traffic to it. And pay for some promotion if you think it needs/deserves it.

Encourage others to share on social media.

Make sure you have social share buttons on your articles so that people can share easily and there is minimal effort required. Also, keep track of people sharing your content so you can engage with it and reward them for it.

Share more than once.

Don’t just share your article as soon as it’s written, keep sharing at regular intervals for a while, tastefully of course, not in a spam-y way. It’s regularly proven to drive more traffic to your website, particularly from channels such as Twitter where the post’s lifespan is short-lived.

Use your email database.

You’ve spent all this time collecting email addresses to use wisely, so use them wisely! Some people choose to send each blog post out to their email database, or you could collate them in your monthly/quarterly newsletter.

Use guest bloggers.

Do you have anything in common with any popular bloggers? Have you found out which blogs are really popular in your market? If you don’t know, do some research. You can either get them to guest post on your blog (which they’ll then share in return on their social channels) or you can write a guest post on their blog, or maybe you can schedule in both.

Write well and regularly.

This is the basic bit, there’s not much point in having a blog running if the content is poorly researched and written and you’re not posting regularly. Good content works well for Google and regular content means that your readers know what to expect and when.

Are you struggling with blog ideas, or any of the above? If so, get in touch and see how we can help: hello@webfwd.co.uk

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