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How email marketing can help your business

There are lots of numbers thrown around about how effective email marketing is in terms of ROI and sales, but it’s pretty fair to say that it’s a productive and effective form of marketing. Email marketing can come in a number of forms, most people are aware of the e-newsletter, but there are other ways you can use email marketing to boost your business. Read on to find out more. . .


Auto-responses are a single or series of scheduled and pre-written email(s) that are sent out to someone who has given you their email address for a specific reason. If you have an ‘info@’ or other generic inbox for your company, a useful auto-response is to tell the customer how long they can expect to wait for an answer to their email, but you can also include information such as links to your FAQs, where they can find out more about your company, other ways to get in contact etc. All of these can help to drive the customer to the information they were looking for, and hopefully to improve customer satisfaction.

Follow-up sequences

Follow-up sequences can be similar to auto-responses, but they tend to have a more specific and driven call-to-action. You can implement the chain for different reasons; after someone has signed up to your newsletter, after they’ve completed a purchase, when they’ve requested more information etc. Say for example a customer has just bought a product from you, you set an automated responder to say thanks and then you could set a sequence that means that they receive an email a week later to say that you hope they like the product and could they give any feedback (giving the link to your preferred feedback method). Then depending on the life expectancy or type of product, a while later you send a further email with a discount code for that specific product again, or suggestions for products that complement the one that they have already purchased (cross-selling is a profitable activity). These enable good customer service and also promote customer retention and repeat business.

Abandoned basket

If your website has an e-commerce platform then this is something you should be interested in. If someone adds something to their ‘shopping basket’ but later leaves the site without completing the purchase, your system can track this and send them an email ‘nudge’ a short while later to see if they want to complete their purchase. This can be quite a successful way of converting a potential customer into an actual customer, particularly if you offer an incentive for them to complete the purchase. For you to be able to do this, the customer needs to have at some point registered their email address with you, for example from an online account.

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