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New Year refresh for your website

The new year isn’t just time for you to make personal resolutions, you can use it as an excuse to make a fresh start or freshen up all sorts of things, your website being one.

  • Is your website responsive? You’ve got no excuse if it’s not, we’ve been bleating on about this since the Google changes in April 2015.
  • Have a clear-out. Just the same as you would in your wardrobe or ‘man drawer’, your website probably has parts of it that no longer fit (your business model), are a bit out-of-date or don’t even belong there. Check through the pages to make sure everything is up-to-date and irrelevant or out-of-date information is amended or removed.
  • Analyse your analytics. You’re probably using Google Analytics, and they tell you all sorts of clever bits of information such as where people are leaving your website, which pages have the most views, what search terms people are using to get to your site and which buttons they’re pressing. Use this information to inform your SEO, AdWords campaigns and to work on the areas of the site that people leave the most.
  • Check your links. Make sure that any URL used in your website still works, you’ll be downgraded by Google if there are broken links in your website and it’ll frustrate your website visitors.
  • Target the January lull. There are January sales on, lots of people were paid earlier in December and have to make the cash stretch and they’re also targeting their own New Year’s Resolutions. These all point to some sort of promotion, a discount or special offer.
  • What are your business goals in 2016? If you’ve decided to shift your focus, focus more on one particular part of your business offer or want to shift tactics altogether then you’ll need the information on your website to reflect this. Make sure that it’s clear to visitors what your business offers and what they can get out of it.

If you need help implementing any of these, drop us a message and see how we can help: hello@webfwd.co.uk

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