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Social media: optimal posting times



We know that a lot of social media sites are veering towards paid-for advertising and are mostly making it harder to use them for free effectively. However, you can help maximise your exposure, share-ability and engagement on these sites by posting at more effective times, basically when your fans are likely to be online and will see your content.

From summarising lots of different theories on social media, this is what we’ve come up with:

Facebook 1-4pm, apparently due to the afternoon slump and 1pm should get you the most shares.

Pinterest : 8-11pm, not during work time.

Twitter : 1-3pm, although 12pm and 6pm are apparently good as well (lunch break, end of work day)

Instagram: 5-6pm, out of standard work hours tends to work best for Instagram.

Google+: 9-11am, this tends to be more of a work/business channel so during the work day is good.

LinkedIn: 10-11am, 5-6pm, apparently Friday is a no-go though.

However, your audience will be individual so check the analytics for your social media page to find out who your audience are and when they’re most engaged – Facebook does this really easily for you. For example, if you’re mainly doing B2B marketing then it’s likely that your audience will be active during normal working hours, but B2C will be outside of this time, make sure you judge for yourself. And of course, this will vary with time zones as well, if you’re a UK company targeting US customers then you’ll need to work out what the optimal time is in their timezone and adjust your schedules accordingly.

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