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Social media: using Pinterest analytics

Facebook has included analytics for pages for a while and now Twitter includes analytics on your tweets as well, channels like Pinterest and Instagram had some catching up to do. However, Pinterest introduced their analytics for businesses last year, so following our handy guide on how to make the most of it for your business Pinterest page.

You must have a business page to be able to access the analytics tool. So when you’re setting up your page, make sure that you assign it as a business page rather than a personal one. Then you’ll need to verify the website connected to your Pinterest account.

Firstly, the most obvious feature is that you can see how well your pins are performing across the platform. The analytics gives you insight into how many impressions your pins got, how many clicks they got, their engagement level (including repins, likes etc.) and the click-throughs. This means that you can analyse the most popular content and start narrowing down your tactics for Pinterest as a business tool.

Another clever piece of data is that you can track what people are pinning from your website. If you go to “Activity from your website” how many pins have come from your website, how much engagement these pins have got, the number of impressions etc. The best way to make sure that people are pinning from your website is to make sure that you have a "Pin it button" on your pages and images.

A really insightful piece of data is the insight into your Pinterest audience. This shows their location, gender, interests, their engagement levels etc. This will enable you to work out who you are targeting with your content and their preferences for content. Don’t forget out top tips for increasing your Pinterest followers as the more followers you have, the better your engagement and also the more useful your audience data will be.

You can then export all of this data to an Excel spreadsheet for your own monitoring and evaluation purposes, easy!

And also, don’t forget to track your Google Analytics to find out how much traffic Pinterest is driving to your website. If you use this alongside the Pinterest Analytics tool then you’ll be able to monitor how well your Pinterest is doing and analyse how effective your work is on it. Once you’ve analysed your analytics (too many analy’s!), adapt and edit your Pinterest plan as you’ll know what works and what doesn’t and what sort of posts people engage with the most.

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