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Step away from those Copy and Paste keys! Why original content is better for your website. . .



When it comes to SEO and the success of your website, we know that content is king. Google loves content, and it trawls your site to find relevant key words to rank you with. So surely the easiest thing to do is keep repeating the key words you want to be known for? The quick answer is no, not really. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t repeat content on your site. . .

In a longer roundabout way, the answer to the repetition question above is sort of yes. Yes, you do want the words that relate to your business and website to feature on your website so that Google picks up on them. However, it’s a bit like plagiarism in academic work, you will be penalised if Google spots you with repeated content.

Repeated content doesn’t mean individual words, but sentences and paragraphs will matter. Repeated content can include the following:

  • Repeated across different pages on your site. So if you have a line describing what your business does and it needs to be on different pages of your site, mix it up a bit, make some changes to the structure and words in that line.
  • Repeated content from another site. Don’t copy and paste content from other people’s site, even if it’s something genuine such as writing an introduction about another company. Make sure you change the text so that it’s unique.
  • Repeated content across different aspects of your site. So not just on different pages, but across the meta descriptions, page content, blog and social media. Again, make sure you mix it up and write it differently.

Having a blog can really help with this. As long as you’re creating unique content, it can really boost your SEO, but don’t repeat content across multiple blog posts!

If you need help auditing your website and ensuring that you have unique copy, get in touch: hello@webfwd.co.uk

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